What I've been up to all year

So... That last post was 8 months ago. I've been a busy boy since then. This post is mostly a recap of my year and coincides with me doing some site updates.

In February I started working at TCT Digital   as a junior backend developer, and I can safely say I've learned tons since starting there. It has also been great to finally work in a company focused on tech and more specifically work with managers and colleagues who are technical themselves.

A lot of the backend work I've done this year has been in Laravel, and learning that has been quite fun. It's a remarkable framework that handles an enormous amount of things for you, but doesn't restrict you if you want to change things. In the next month or so I'm also going to try out Lumen for a headless API server on a new project. Though, there are quite a few other aspects of the job that have interested me so far (DevOps for example). Everything intertwines really, and since it all interests me I'm tending to becoming a full-stack developer. We'll see how it goes.

On a more personal note, I finally moved away from where I was staying. In short, it was a horrifically unideal situation that dragged on a few years too many, and I'm glad to finally be on my own. I'm now closer to the city, which also allows me to get around much easier to the sorts of places I want to go. Onwards and upwards!

Next week on 25/10/2018 I'm going to be giving a short presentation to the local Cape Town PHP group   on the CMS I used for this website, Grav CMS  . If you're in the area, be sure to swing by! I'll be posting a text version of it right here on the day of the presentation as well. Until then, stay tuned!

An introduction to Grav CMS Hey Nik, where have you been?