Quote: "SABEN is a non-profit focused on ending bandwidth poverty among South Africa’s schools and colleges."

At the South African Broadband Education Networks (SABEN), I was a junior software developer specialising in in-house tools for client support. At SABEN I learned the basics of many technologies and languages, as well as gained computer networking knowledge. Some of the languages used were PHP, MySQL, Python, and Wordpress alongside industry standard tools like Apache, Ubuntu Server and Git.

The flagship application I produced was a VoIP phone autoprovisioning system written in PHP, which could create and list VoIP extensions for Yealink and some Snom devices. This was used for mass phone deployments (hundreds at a time) for clients migrating to SABEN's VoIP services provided in partnership with Euphoria Telecoms.

I was employed at SABEN during my final year of college in 2017.